Monday, 16 July 2012

Shakey Super Pull 2012

A great weekend at the Shakey Super Pull, after 50mm of rain on the Thursday and Friday pulling took place under sunny skies on both Saturday and Sunday.

The championship points class on Saturday saw Baby Bear finishing in 3rd place and Ice Bear in 4th place.

Ice Bear

Mike in full-flow, put a storming run down for a very fast full pull, but unfortunately couldn't return for the pull off due to a problem with the valve in the cylinder head.

Baby Bear

Gareth had two great runs on Baby Bear finishing in 3rd place just behind Simply Red and Rough Justice.

Tiny Bear

The newest member to the team driven by Gareth's son, Nathan Jones had a great weekend with a 2nd and 3rd in the garden class and is now leading the Championship!

A big thank-you to all our sponsors and supporters who helped make this weekend such a success for the Bear Essentials Team and the Midlands Tractor Pullers Club.

We look forward to seeing everybody again next year!

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