Monday, 16 July 2012

Great Eccelston Show 2012

Team Pit Area

After a little more time in the workshop following Made, we were looking forward to the second round of the British Championships at the Great Eccelston Show.

Once again the weather was very kind, and tractor pulling took place on both Saturday and Sunday with very big crowds happy to be out in the sun for a change.

Ice Bear and Baby Bear

Both tractors made really strong full pulls after a slight panic in the pits with Ice Bear due to a broken steering system resulting in Mike having to be lifted to the start line. Many thanks to Derek Leece for his welding!

Rough Justice made a storming run in the pull off to 102 metres and set the target for the rest of us to catch. Gareth got dragged slightly to the right and came up short at just over 90 metres, securing a 2nd place!

Ice Bear was unable to boost from the start line in the pull off so had to settle for 4th place on the day.

Tiny Bear

On the Saturday afternoon the garden pullers were in action and Nathan Jones had a strong pull to secure a 3rd place. The only problem was that he managed to break the gearbox so Tiny Bear couldn't compete on the Sunday. Looks like Gareth needs to get his spanners out!

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